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About Trisha

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"I'm no rookie to the business.

Prior to joining, I was a real estate agent for over 8 years."


Hello! Welcome to The West Group! I am Trisha Cruse and I am a licensed originator who is no rookie to this business.


Prior to joining the mortgage industry, I have been a real estate agent within the Clarksville/Oak Grove market for over 8 years. I decided to make the move to mortgage to help my clients get into the home of their dreams on a different level.


I look forward to making the mortgage process easy and stress free for your family. I am also a military brat so I understand the struggles of PCSing to a new town, finding a new home and starting anew. Let me be a friend to you and welcome you!


I am always here for you no matter what. Call me, I am serious!

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